Who’s a White Thirty-Something Female?

„It’s easy to be white when there’s no sunshine in life.“

Hi, fellow wtf’ers and others! When turning thirty I started this blog because A) I really enjoy writing, B) I was bored and C) I wanted to create something of my own; something other than offspring. I’ve always felt that I was outstanding, but in a world full of mediocrities it’s hard to stand out, even if you feel you are the best at being mediocre. In my blog you’ll find infrequently posted bits of my daily mediocrity-struggle, most of them completely unrelated, a fabulous photoseries of abandoned shopping carts in the city of Salzburg, and my first attempts in photomontages in Affinity Photo. In its incoherence, this blog is a result of a generation which has been told to be able to do and become anything but which was never taught how to make choices. Constantly torn between a top carreer, a fulfilled family life and complete self-fulfillment, white thirty-something females often try to have a taste of everything at the same time while ending up being mediocre in all parts of life. Welcome to my page and enjoy!

Aber eigentlich schreibe ich eh auf Deutsch…